Our Partners
Our Partners

Staging major events around the world requires strong partnerships to complement our in-house team of experts and resources

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Organisers & Publishers
We are proud of our global partnerships with exhibition organisers and publishers in both established and emerging markets.
Such alliances offer significant opportunity to replicate successful show brands in new global markets, as well as provide value-added content to enhance and grow existing events to take them to the next level of success
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Government Partnerships
We are uniquely placed to assist and advise local and national government on exhibition opportunities. 
Our events are a major contributor to local and national economies and play a key role in industrial and commercial development, particularly in emerging markets. They provide a shop window for regional and national industry, stimulating foreign investment in infrastructure and facilitate technology transfer. 
Trade Associations
We have secured partnerships with global trade associations who regularly use our events to access domestic and export markets.
The types of relationships we enter into with associations include joint ventures, event sponsorship and long-term management contracts. We pride ourselves in taking a flexible approach to trade association partnerships, tailoring our offering to specific needs. 
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We can offer venues and cities: brand-leading events, new launch opportunities, international exhibitors and visitors, significant local economic impact, long-term tenancy agreements and professional event management services. 
We are committed to supporting exhibition venues around the world where it best serves the interest of our customers and events.